Blog about converts to Catholicism?

To all the fans and visitors of this Blog
Anyone interested in converts to Catholicism
To all the readers and curious
3 questions: 

1. What do you think to create a blog about converts to Catholicism? 

2. Would it be better to use this blog and put in it all the information about converts? 

3. Would it be better to create a website (not a blog) about converts? 

I am very interested in your responses, everyone.

I have a list of 3,700 converts to Catholicism, which continues to grow as I have an opportunity to continue the investigation, converts from I century to XXI century, work now totals 500 pages.

I like to do a free public service, which is constantly creating, editing and increasing, Converts to Catholicism of all time. Simple, easy to consult, which can correct the errors (if I make any mistake on the information, I'll can change it when I receive your alert or when I find new data and more reliable). That I can't do this in a book, because as the saying goes that "print, dam" and get a 2nd edition of a book costs a lot, but change an error in an information from a blog or a website costs nothing more than a few minutes of time.

Anyway, I am thinking about this for a few months. How I wish to be public and free, I need your opinions, without restrictions or limits (only prudence). I'll read all and answer all, at least with a 'thank you'.

Thank you all.
Thank God. 

The blogger "Bro Word" 

PD. You can leave public comments here or write to fraypalabra mail [at] gmail [dot] com. (That message has been translated with Google Translator and late by my supervision)

Chesterton, a great english writer convert (curretly Servant of God)

Cardinal John Henry Newman (d. 1891): -a theologic thinker-
an Anglican pastor became a Catholic priest
(and later cardinal [not priest --> bishop --> cardinal])

Two american actors: Cary Grant (left) and John Wayne (right), converts to Catholicism 

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